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Game 30: Detroit Pistons @ Toronto Raptors

Apologies for "just barely in time" preview -- these 1 PM starts are sneaky.

Detroit Pistons: 11-18 (3-12 Road)
Margin: -3.6

Toronto Raptors: 14-17 (9-5 Home)
Margin: -2.7

Oppo Research:

Well, this team should be familiar -- they gave the Pistons a 30-point drubbing on Wednesday. So I'll skip ahead to the big news of the day ...

The Drama:

Tayshaun Prince, Richard Hamilton are returning to the starting lineup! Prince has missed the last 26 with a ruptured disc in his back, while Hamilton has been in and out of the lineup with a sprained ankle and, more recently, a pulled hamstring. Jonas Jerebko remains in the starting lineup, sliding over to the four.

Plus, Vince Ellis of the Free Press confirms that Ben Gordon is also active, meaning the Pistons will have a complete arsenal since, well, the first time all season (if you recall, Austin Daye and Jerebko were sidelined for the first game, which is when Hamilton went down.)

Question of the Game:

Will the return of the veterans revive Detroit's putrid ball movement of late? And how long will everyone remain healthy?