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Inflatable Ben’s big screen debut

If you haven't been following Brian Speath's epic Who Shot Mamba?, well, the video above won't make much sense -- so go watch the first three episodes (one, two and three) and get up to speed.

(Here's a tip: if your internet connection makes the videos choppy, it's also available as a free video podcast on iTunes, meaning you can download and watch crystal clear in full-screen mode.)

Long-time readers should remember Inflatable Ben (really long-time -- check the date on this post) as well as Brian from the now defunct YAYsports!, a titan among basketball bloggers who churned out hilarious content every day (while, I should add, being extremely generous with links to small up-and-coming blogs about the Detroit Pistons).

In his wake there have been no shortage of imitators, wannabe comedians and knockoffs, but he was among the first to blend daily hoops talk and humor -- and most importantly, do it well. To make a long story short (here's his Cliff's Notes version of the journey), WSM? grew out of YAY! into a full-length slapstick feature, that, despite being released years later than intended, appears to be worth the wait.

So check it out, and enjoy. Inflatable Ben said so.