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Leetastic: Pistons Drop Another One

ed. note: I should preface this by noting that I am just getting accustomed to the robust functionality here at SBNation, so my apologies if I accidentally embed a video of Surprised Kitty or something.

What Happened

The Pistons lost their seventh eighth straight game, during which no Piston player registered a positive +/- rating. The frontcourt minutes were curiously distributed, with an ailing Charlie V. getting only 12 minutes off the bench, less than even Chris Wilcox. Meanwhile, David Lee torched Detroit for 30 and 12. Did I mention this was a home game? Great.

The Good

Ben Gordon had a nice game off the bench, registering 17 points off of just nine shots. Also, while the Pistons weren't quite at full strength, the more games the team gets under its belt with its full compliment of players, the quicker Coach Kuester can divvy minutes appropriately.

The Bad

Everything else. Charlie V. was held scoreless, and expressed confusion about his lack of minutes. Rip Hamilton is still (hopefully) shaking off cobwebs. The team continued its recent trend of being unable to find scoring. All of this against a starting lineup featuring (in addition to Lee) Wilson Chandler, Jared Jeffries, Danilo Gallinari, and Chris Duhon.


Gordon by a country mile. On a night when Rip and Stuckey combined for 31 points on 24 shots, BG was a model of efficiency.

The John Long Unsung Hero

The Takeaway

Unless you believe that Rip, Tay and BG make this team worse, you have to allow for the fact that this team hasn't played together very much. That said, the losses are piling up, and even though 38 wins might land a playoff spot, Detroit is going to have to play at an above .500 clip to get there.

Elsewhere in the NBA

  • The Cavs dominated the Hawks, in Atlanta, despite only getting 14 points from LeBron James. Of course, LeBron also added 10 assists, eight rebounds and five steals, but the Cavs are starting to look scary again.
  • David West suddenly remembered he's kind of a big deal. He netted a career high 44 points in a losing effort against Team MIT, while Chris Paul added a triple-double.
  • Kobe Bryant also scored 44, but it's not as cool when he does it.
  • I'm not sure I knew Theo Ratliff played for the Spurs, but it doesn't surprise me. That team is some kind of grizzled.