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The End of an (8 Game) Era - Bulls Visit Pistons

Game tips at 3:00 pm ET (Hence the rushed post)

Chicago: 12-17 (2-11 Road)
Margin: +8.6

Pistons: 11-20 (8-7 Home)
Margin: -4.2

Oppo research

It's a battle of the Eastern Conference disappointments. You know the drill. Disappointing season from future of the franchise. Nothing from long range. Questionable defense.

Wait, which team am I talking about?

Keys for Detroit

Manage something from the three point range: I have the feeling I can cut and paste this for the rest of the season.

No whining about minutes: Seriously, if you're going to do it, at least wait and figure out what your role is going to be before you complain about it. Coach Kuester has a tough enough job juggling acquisitions and injuries.

Get back to the boards: When the Pistons were winning games, it was because they were absolutely dominating the glass.

Question of the Game

Can we break the streak?