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Bucks @ Pistons Game Thread

Game tips at 8:00 pm ET

Milwaukee: 9-8 (2-6 road)
Margin: +1.3

Pistons: 6-12 (4-4 home)

Oppo research

Okay, so it turns out Brandon Jennings is amazing. The dude is shooting 48% from three point territory. Has any rookie even come close to that mark in their first 17 games? It looks as though the Bucks have the second coming of Ray Allen on their hands.

Outside of Jennings, Milwaukee doesn't have a lot to be excited about. Andrew Bogut is being the usual tease, notching 16 and 10 with an injury on his way to his usual averageness. By and large this is a team that relies on three point shooting, which, absent Michael Redd, doesn't seem like the greatest long term strategy.

In the short term, however, they are playing the Pistons, and so their advantage from long range should prove valuable.

The Drama:

Let's just assume Charlie V. was saving up his revenge mojo for this one. 27 and 12 with 4 blocks. I'm calling it now.

Keys for Detroit

Manage something from the three point range: I have the feeling I can cut and paste this one for the rest of the year.

Clamp down on the three ball: Jennings, in particular, is completely useless when he puts the ball on the floor. Make him do so, for crying out loud.

Take it to the hole: Ghosts of Josh Smith might still be dancing through Stuckey's head, but Bogut is hobbling and Carlos Delfino is the Bucks' second leading shot blocker.

Question of the Game

Who is going to play? Apparently, Rip and Tayshaun are practicing. Ben Gordon and Charlie V. did not. And yet, Ben and Charlie play, while Rip and Tay do not? Just for kicks, I predict Bynum is out.