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Bucks @ Pistons Game Wrap

What Happened

The Pistons delivered a win that should not be nearly so exciting as it is. In the process, they shut down Brandon Jennings, and registered their second solid home performance in as many attempts.

The Good

Another rebounding tour de force, this time accompanied by a competent performance on both ends of the court. The Pistons shut down the Bucks' long range game, while registering 28 assists on 39 field goals. The most refreshing component was the wire-to-wire domination. This game was never really within Milwaukee's reach.

The Bad

Will Bynum is in a world of slump. He has made just 19 of his last 60 shots. During that span, he is averaging 5.8 apg, and he seems to realize he is trying to do too much. Also, the lack of outside shooting is a serious issue.


Rodney Stuckey, who had heretofore excelled in the first quarter, and faded as the game progressed. To some degree, that trend remained intact, as Stuckey scored eight of his 19 points in the first quarter. That said, he didn't over-exert himself, and dropped a season-high nine dimes, including a great hookup with Austin Daye right when the Pistons were looking for a bucket.

The Linus Van Pelt Unsung Hero

Ben Gordon. I scarcely noticed he was in the game, but he had 16 points in limited minutes.

The Takeaway

The team is finding an identity as a team that can own it's possessions on the offensive end. That said, I have to think part of Detroit's success on the glass can be attributed to the paucity of three point attempts. At minimum, it would make sense to test the theory. Given the Pistons' offensive rebounding rate, the long ball has a fair amount of added value.