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Morning Shootaround: Playing Iverson, Fourth Quarter Players, Jonas Jerebko Row, and More

We haven't had a morning shootaround in a while and that might help explain the losing record. This will become a regular feature again soon, I promise.

In the meantime, get in your shots around the interwebs, work up a nice sweat, and hit the showers before tomorrow's game against the Sixers. Nobody likes a smelly commenter.

Balls_medium Speaking of tomorrow's game, I guess I can't ignore Allen Iverson any longer. As you all know by now, he has un-retired to rejoin his former team, the 76ers. Last night, he started against Chauncey Billups and the Nuggets, got a warm welcome as he kissed center court, and led the Sixers to their best 10th straight loss ever. Let's make it 11. Oh, in that game Andre Iguodala made a full court shot.. just for fun.

Balls_medium Brgulker sent me this link from breaking down 28 of the NBA's best fourth quarter players Coming as somewhat of a surprise, the Pistons have four of the 28, with Ben Wallace ranking 4th. Keep in mind, though, the Pistons have had many 4th quarter "comebacks" that still resulted in losses.

Balls_mediumChris Iott of MLIVE gives us 10 things we know about the Pistons after 20 games. The last one still bothers me and I plan on helping to fill some of those seats over the next month.

Balls_mediumAlso from MLIVE, apparently Gilbert Arenas blamed his cold shooting (3-9) on The Palace being too cold. Now the whole "Arenas might not play because of the slippery floor" from the pre-season makes sense. Wahh.

Balls_medium Jonas Jerebko is clearly becoming a fan favorite, and was there really any doubt with his constant blue collar style of play? Natalie at Need4Sheed has let it be known The Palace has started the Jerebko Row where they hand out Viking helmets for every point he scores. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for Natalie's new site -- Need4Swede. Also, some fans have taken a liking to J.J. so much that they want to see him continue to start when Tay Tay returns.

Balls_medium Dan Feldman of Piston Powered fell in love with the 2009-2010 Pistons in November 29th's game against the Atlanta Hawks. If you've already forgotten, that was the game Charlie Villanueva broke his nose and knocked down two free throws with a wad of gauze protruding from his left nostril. It was also a game against a superior opponent when the Pistons were on a seven game losing streak. And nothing stopped them from dominating. Not Charlie's broken nose, not the lack of confidence in playing a top Eastern Conference opponent while being on a long string of futility. Nothing.

Balls_medium And for those of you who have not already fallen in love with the new-look Pistons, Devin Jones of Detroit4lyfe wants you to give the Pistons some time. While the W's might not be showing up in the standings as much as we'd like them to, we have to be remember that this is supposed to be a "rebuilding" year.

Balls_medium The Pistons lost yet another nationally televised game, thanks to ESPN dropping their March 21 game at Cleveland. ESPN already cancelled tomorrow's game against the Sixers (which, coincidentally, has some drama now). Detroit has two games left on the ESPN slate -- March 5 at Cleveland and March 15 at Boston. (H/T to Dave Pemberton of Pistons Point)

Balls_medium A little off topic here. I mentioned in the recap of last game how much fun it has been rooting against the teams that may threaten the Pistons' chances at a playoff spot this year. One of the most entertaining non-Pistons games I've seen in recent memory was the Lakers/Heat game from last week. If you didn't see the finish, I suggest you watch it here. Earlier in the night, coincidentally, I was debating with a friend of mine about who I'd rather have on my team: D. Wade or Lebron. I said Kobe. Who would you rather have on your team?

Balls_medium As always, email me if you have any questions, tips, etc., at You can also follow me on Motownstrngmsic or Bpackey. I may not get a chance to post anything (unless it's big news) until pre-game Wednesday due to my final law school exam for the semester on Wednesday morning. Make sure you use the comments, FanPosts, or FanShots if you want to speak your mind.