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Rip’s adjustment

From my FanHouse article on Rip Hamilton's adjustment to the bench:

Believe it or not, he's actually averaging two more points in seven fewer minutes since the move -- he's up to 18.8 points in 27.7 minutes as a reserve compared to 16.7 points in 34.7 minutes as a starter. Not surprisingly, much of the difference can be attributed to increased efficiency -- he's shooting 49.2 percent from the field and 39.1 percent from beyond the arc as a reserve, up from 44.8 percent and 35.1 percent, respectively, as a starter.

He's actually led the Pistons in scoring five times in nine games, including two monster games this weekend: He set the franchise record for points off the bench with 38 in an overtime win in Milwaukee on Saturday followed by a team-high 27-point effort the next night at home against the Suns.

As Michael Curry told reporters before Sunday's game, he's not surprised by Hamilton's success, predicting Hamilton will "have a few more 30-point games coming off the bench" this year, especially as Hamilton's nagging groin injury continues to heal. And despite his recent scoring outbursts, Hamilton admitted after Sunday's game that his groin is still a serious issue. "It's still sore, it still hurts," Hamilton said. "I'm still trying to figure out a way to get through the game."

Hamilton has done a good job figuring it out, but Curry doesn't mistake his success with being content. "I don't think he's accepted it," Curry said. "I'm not going to ever think that, he's never going to want to just come off the bench.