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Pistons-Spurs Game Thread

Coverage Begins at 8:00 PM ET

San Antonio: 35-17 (17-10 road)
Margin: +3.1 ppg (+3.8 last 25%)
Last 10:6-4

Pistons: 27-25 (14-14 home)
Margin: -0.5 (-1.8 last 25%)
Last 10: 3-7

Oppo research:

Suddenly, Detroit has become one of the worst home teams in the league. No wonder attendance is down. That's bad news when you are playing the Spurs, who are one of the best road teams in the NBA.

Fortunately, Detroit has had the Spurs number more than perhaps any other top-tier team. Granted, part of this is due to the fact that the Spurs, more than any other team, save their energy for the playoffs. But even the Allen Iverson Pistons matchup very well on defense against the Spurs' three-pronged attack.

Rather, make that a two-pronged attack, as Manu Ginobili figures to be out with an ankle injury. Ostensibly, Detroit should be favored, under the circumstances. But never underestimate the Pistons' ability to blow an easily winnable game these days.

The Drama:

Both teams are actually struggling of late. Who needs a turnaround win more?

Keys for Detroit:

Defend without fouling:This has been a big problem of late. There is no excuse for sending teams to the line repeatedly.

Double down: Without Ginobili, I'm not sure the Spurs have the weapons to compensate for a slow night from Duncan. The Pistons have thrived off denying Duncan the basketball, so I would hope for more of the same tonight.

Take advantage, already: Another team, another major injury. What is the point of having Arnie Kander if you can't beat the short-handed teams, anyway.

Question of the game:

How will Sir Charles do in his first week back? Will he be contrite?