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Pistons-Cavs Game Thread

Coverage Begins at 8:00 PM ET

Cleveland: 42-11 (24-1 home)
Margin: +9.9 ppg (+6.4 last 25%)
Last 10: 7-3

Pistons: 27-26 (13-11 road)
Margin: -0.6 (-1.9 last 25%)
Last 10: 3-7

Oppo research:

Let's see. Sunday road game against a team that is presently 24-1 at home? There is only one possibly outcome. The Pistons arbitrarily win by eight points. They'll do so by shooting 15-22 from three point range.

Of course, that is certainly not the most likely outcome. The Cleveland Cavaliers have rendered this little rivalry a non-starter by vastly outperforming Detroit this year offensively and defensively. The Cavaliers are playing so well, Mo Williams made the all-star team. Someday, some curious teenager is going to scroll through all-star game box scores and blurt out "Mo Williams? He was an all-star?" LeBron has found his BJ Armstrong.

Actually, the Pistons have held up well against the Cavs in their matchups to date. In the last matchup between these two teams, the Cavs were against the ropes until Allen Iverson decided to Joaquin Phoenix the first two minutes of the fourth quarter.

The Drama:

If Cleveland wipes the floor with Detroit, you're going to read about it. This is a nationally televised game, and a loss would bring the Pistons to 27-27.

Keys for Detroit (Sunday Edition):

Pick one player to defend: While it might seem wise to triple-team the opposing center behind the three point line, a better approach would be to pick one man and defend him each time up the floor.

Keep your eyes open: While some players use blindfolds during exhibition events (e.g. dunk contests, Harlem Globetrotters games), it is usually recommended that players avail themselves of their eyesight during a professional basketball match.

Don't forget your jersey: Remember, without an officially sanction jersey, you won't be allowed to enter the game!

Question of the game:

Can we make it 11 in a row? Would any reasonable person favor the Pistons in any of their next six games?