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Cheikh Samb is almost a Knick

From the NY Daily News:

The Knicks appear to be closing in on a deal for D-Leaguer Cheikh Samb, who may be best remembered for being included in the Allen Iverson deal this season or for being posterized by Brandon Roy.

The 7-foot center, originally drafted by the Lakers in the second round, was one of the players that worked out on Monday for the Knicks, who have two available roster spots.

Nothing is official just yet but Samb has the inside track on one of the two roster spots. He is the very definition of a project. He’s already been on three team's rosters - the Pistons, Nuggets and Clippers - the latter of which released him on Feb. 16.

It's not really accurate to call him a "D-Leaguer" -- he's played more games in the NBA (16) than in the D-League (nine) this year, and hasn't played a D-League game since Jan. 2. But whatever, I'm glad to see he's latching on with another team. Not that I think he'll actually play much for the Knicks, but I think he could be a good fit in Mike D'Antoni's system -- he's athletic enough to get up and down the court in a hurry, he can initiate fast breaks with a big block and he's not scared to shoot from beyond the arc.