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Antonio McDyess admits Pistons lack leadership

From MLive's A. Sherrod Blakely:

There appears to be an increasing disconnect between Curry and his players, the kind of issues a team leader would work to hash out before things become worse.

Things are getting progressively worse, and there are no signs from within the Pistons roster that anyone is ready, let alone willing, to stand up and be accountable for this team's success moving forward.

Pistons forward Antonio McDyess said there is a leadership void on the team.

"We don't have that one guy that steps in, get on a person for doing something wrong," McDyess said. "We have certain nights where one person would say something, and another would, but we need that one person who will be there, and we know that they got our back and that they'll get on us when we do wrong and direct us when we're going wrong. We don't have that."

As DBB reader Keegan said in the comments, "So should I be happy that they realize it, or angry that it took this long?" The correct answer, of course, is c) All of the above.

Update: My long-winded take is up at FanHouse. The glass-half-full crowd might want to skip it -- I'm not optimistic at all.