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The logistics behind post-game quotes

I alluded to this in my FanHouse column earlier this week, but Chris McCosky explains why so many game recaps only feature quotes from Allen Iverson: "He's usually the only starter that makes himself available to the media in a timely manner post-game. We are beholden to deadlines. We get Michael Curry 10 minutes or so after the game ends. Then we walk into the locker room. Typically, Iverson is there waiting for us, eager to get it over with.

The other players linger either on the treatment table or in the shower. Some nights we have time to wait them out. Most nights we don't.

So, it's not like he's the spokesman for the team or anything like that. I talked to Rip Hamilton, who is technically the captain, about this before the game. Just to make him aware of it. Hopefully, Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince will start making themselves available sooner, but I am not holding my breath."