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Pistons-Magic Game Thread

Talk about a lazy man's preview -- not only am I resorting to a random, semi-nostalgic video, I'm also ripping off one of Mike Payne's comments:

To put this in perspective: this is the starting lineup that knocked Orlando out of the playoffs last year when Billups was hurt. Of course, there’s the whole MCIAFI and morale factors that make this a very different team, but when it comes to personnel, its the same group.

On top of that, we’ve got a fiery hall-of-famer coming off the bench.

If Flip Saunders were our coach tonight, I’d say this would be an easy win. Even though he’s not, I’m feeling roundly more positive about this game than I was 24 hours ago.

As it happens, there won't be any Hall of Fame fire from the bench tonight -- even though Allen Iverson's MRI earlier today was negative, he still returned to Detroit for further tests. His status for Sunday's game in Boston is unknown. Also of note: Rasheed Wallace was fined $25K for "throwing in the towel" on Wednesday.

The ball is tipping, do your thing in the comments!