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McDyess may (eventually) start

From Chris McCosky:

Should Antonio McDyess be starting for the Pistons?

The question came up after practice Thursday and coach Michael Curry admitted it was something he and his staff were contemplating.

"Over our last 20 games and into the playoffs, I am not sure, but we may look at that," Curry said. "But going through this stretch, we want to see (how the current starting five works)."

McDyess is the team's best rebounder by far (he's averaging 8.5 boards in 25 minutes, and 12.2 per 36) so I'm definitely not opposed to increasing his role. And considering he had that month vacation, I'm not as worried as I was last year about him wearing down.

That said, until this actually happens, I'd like Curry to consider experimenting with Quick Darshan's suggestion from the comments the other day:

I wish Curry would bring in Maxiell when Amir gets in foul trouble instead of Dyess. I’d like to have one of those on the court at all time because they’re more apt to run down the court for easy baskets.

I'm still baffled that Maxiell's playing time is down by five minutes a game compared to last year. He's been inconsistent, but he's also been jerked around quite a bit.