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Rodney Stuckey drinks milk

Stuckey has milk

A PR company sent me this picture of Rodney Stuckey making an appearance at a Detroit middle school on Tuesday. I wasn't going to post it, but then I read the press release and felt guilty about deleting it. Hey, if I occasionally push Canadian Club on my readers, it's only right that I also endorse something that's actually good for you, too. Press release:

Rodney Stuckey, guard for the Detroit Pistons will be at Remus Robinson Middle School on Tuesday, March 10, rallying students to get fit, encouraging them to sign-up for the Get Fit By Finals Challenge and presenting the school with $1,000 "got milk?" Get Fit Grant to help them implement health and fitness programs. In addition, Remus Robinson Middle School is among thousands of other schools nationwide that have received special Get Fit activation kits that includes expert fitness and nutrition videos, tips and drills from the NBA, and posters and banners featuring NBA and WNBA All-Stars Chris Paul and Diana Taurasi for school cafeterias and gyms that will urge teens to get fit.

"Exercise and good nutrition helped me achieve my goal of playing in the NBA and maintaining the high-level of fitness required to stay at the top of my game," says Stuckey, a 2007 first round draft pick by the Pistons. "Along with other top athletes, fitness and nutrition experts, I'm excited to help teens reach their own personal best and help them Get Fit By Finals."

Plus, for what it's worth, I actually drink a ton of milk. I don't use little shot glasses like these kids, though; I save those for the Canadian hooch.