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Pistons still Sheed-less

From A. Sherrod Blakely:

While there's a chance he'll be back in the lineup on Sunday against Memphis, Wallace didn't seem overly eager to get back on the floor anytime soon.

Wallace being out now is more of a precautionary measure, with the goal being to have him as healthy as possible for the playoffs next month.

"I'm in no rush," Wallace said a few minutes ago prior to Detroit's morning shootaround. "I'm taking it day to day."

You know how Pistons fans complain about Rasheed taking so many three-pointers? Oddly enough, his presence behind the arc is what I think the Pistons will miss the most with him gone. This has been talked about before (and I alluded to this on FanHouse yesterday) but Wallace is really the team's most consistent three-point threat. (Tay and Afflalo are technically more accurate, but he's far and away the leader in attempts, which makes him more dangerous.)

Considering the Pistons are tied for the second fewest attempts per game in the league with him in the lineup, his absence turns the Pistons from a really poor three-point shooting team into a horrendous one. This makes it difficult to keep up with most opponents, even when the Pistons do everything else correctly (ie, out-rebounding the Knicks by 25, out-shooting them from the field). Again, nothing new, but don't be surprised to see the Pistons in a lot of close games no matter how well they play until Wallace returns.

Theoretically, I suppose, the problem could by fixed by Michael Curry calling for Tayshaun and Rip (or Herrmann or Afflalo) to make up the difference from long-distance, but considering this has been a season-long problem, I have no reason to think he'd suddenly realize it's a problem.