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Ignore this story

The RealGM headline (mentioned in the comments) boldly proclaiming "AI doesn't want to be in Detroit" caught my eye, so I tracked down the radio interview it cites. It's from an appearance current 76er Lou Williams made yesterday on WMMR in Philadelphia, which you can find here (skip to the 1-hour, 53-minute mark). I transcribed the relevant portion:

Host: Are you friends with him, are you friends with Allen?
Lou Williams: Big brother.

Host: Really, no kidding. How’s he doing?
Lou Williams: He’s doing great, he’s doing great. Back’s a little messed up so he’s going through that, but he’s doing well.

Host: Does he like Detroit?
Lou Williams: I really haven’t asked him about that because I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want to be there. My personal opinion, that’s my disclaimer, but, you know.

And ... that's it. It took less than 20 seconds in an long segment of a nearly two and a half hour show. He didn't elaborate, he didn't explain himself, they quickly moved to the next topic. Despite the fact that it's picking up steam (MLive and Dime have already chimed in, and I'm sure others will follow), there's really nothing here.