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Rip likely to return, Rasheed and AI not far behind (as soon as they’re done clubbing)

From Chris McCosky:

Richard Hamilton, Allen Iverson and Rasheed Wallace took part in a full-team practice Friday. The last time that happened was Feb. 21.

"They were all out there, and they all looked good," coach Michael Curry said. "I am saying that everybody is going to play (tonight in Washington) because I want to be positive."

[...] "Realistically, Allen probably won't play," Curry said. "The one I am most confident about is Rip. We will have to see how Allen and Sheed respond. Allen hasn't done anything for 15 games, so that's tough. Sheed and Rip both moved around real good. So hopefully with treatment and some rest they will be ready to play, at least in a limited role."

Barring an unforeseen setback, Hamilton considers himself back in full.

"I am just going to attack the game like it's all good," he said. "Maybe at times we might have to monitor my minutes, but I am not going out there thinking 'I can't do this or I can't do that.' I am coming out to play; we need to start getting some wins."

While Iverson and Wallace aren't expected to play, they apparently hosted a party (or at least lent their names to one) last night at Club Love (via PistonsForum). No idea if they actually showed, but at least one member of the Twitterazzi seemed to confirm their presence.


Even if they made just a token appearance, I don't see the point. The Pistons are in a freefall, losing six of their last seven to fall into a tie for the final spot in the East (and only two and a half games ahead of the surging Bobcats) ... and two of the team's injured All-Stars are headlining parties on the road?

Stroke the ego in the offseason, fellas; it's coming sooner than you think, especially with each of you wearing street clothes during games. Whatever. Apparently having an expiring contract means you don't even have to pretend to give a f*ck.