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A.I. might return earlier than expected

From Carlos Monarrez of the Freep:

"He doesn't think that he's going to have to be out the entire two weeks," Curry said. "He wants to get out there as soon as possible. So, hopefully with the treatment and the rest, he'll feel better and we can get him out there as soon as possible. ... We need him healthy, out there healthy playing so we can be the team we envision ourselves being."

[...] "Yeah, he's been consistent with that," Curry said of Iverson's willingness to come off the bench. "He doesn't want that to be a story because so many people, and I'm not saying just locally, but so many people are taking it and twist it because say he's disappointed to come off the bench, just as Rip was.

"Can't become those type players and want to just come off the bench. You want to be a starter and have the ball in your hands and make plays for your teammates. He's willing to do what we need him to do to give us the best chance of being successful."

I'm still in the "believe it when I see it camp," but I guess this is good news: a committed A.I. off the bench could be a devastating if used properly. Stay tuned.

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