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Game #79: Nets at Pistons

Detroit Pistons: 38-40 (18-21 home)

Probable Starters:

PG Rodney Stuckey

SG Richard Hamilton

C Rasheed Wallace

PF Antonio McDyess

SF Tayshaun Prince


New Jersey Nets: 32-46 (17-22 road)

Probable Starters:

PG Devin Harris

SG Keyon Dooling

C Brook Lopez

PF Ryan Anderson

SG Vince Carter

This is my first game preview/thread, so it will be a work in progress these next four games before I settle on something for the playoffs. Bear with me and feel free to give any suggestions.

That being said, we actually have to win a game before we're even in the playoffs. With just four games remaining, the Pistons need to win AH game, or have the Charlotte Bobcats lose one (In case you don't know, if I ever say AH it's said just like Wayne pronounces it in Wayne's World when he says, "I don't even own AH gun.") Anyway, the Pistons own the tiebreaker with the Bobcats (h2h record), so that's all there is to it. I know you all want more analysis on our potential playoff positioning, but I don't feel comfortable talking about the other scenarios (such as the Pistons passing the Bulls for the No. 7 seed) until we at least clinch.

Tonight will be a golden opportunity for the 'Stones, as the Nets come to town. New Jersey is fresh off being mathematically eliminated from the playoffs in a close loss to Boston Wednesday night. That could leave them feeling demoralized and vulnerable for a clean beating from a team desperately fighting for its playoff lives (one with fresh swagger, too).

Aside from playing for personal pride points, the Nets could also clinch the season series against the Pistons for the first time since the 1993-1994 season. While I'm a little shocked its been that long, I don't see that making for a very inspirational pre-game speech. Anything less than clinching tonight, would be a major step back from what the Pistons may have accomplished in Wednesday's 113-86 rout over New York.


Friday, 8:00 PM EST


Palace of Auburn Hills


WDFN 1130

What to bring to the Game Thread:
Good talk (references to Terry Mills and Otis Thorpe are always welcome)

Positive Attitude (a wise man named Roger once told me 'attitude determines altitude')

Vintage 89-90 Pistons Championship hat or any other Pistons' flair you may own


Will the Pistons clinch a playoff spot tonight?

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