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Morning Shootaround: Dangerous Playoff Team Clinches, Herrmann's Top Play, & Sharing a Straight Jacket with Britney

This will hopefully be a morning regular (at least on game days), which will allow you to read up on other Detroit Pistons stories. It's like a team's morning shootaround in that it's somewhat informal, brief, and gets you prepped for the game.

Balls_medium The Pistons won their third game in a row, clinching their eighth straight playoff spot Friday night against the Nets. Keith Langlois of True Blue Pistons thinks the that with the way the Pistons have hit their stride recently, it suddenly makes the playoffs seem very intriguing.

Balls_medium If it ain't broke don't fix it. Head coach Michael Curry revealed after the Pistons victory on Friday night that he would be sticking with the same nine or ten man rotation during the playoffs He also expressed sentiment regarding the Billups/Iverson trade that led to such a problematic November. Coach Curry thinks the biggest problem during that stretch was not having Antonio McDyess.

Balls_medium In a recent post, I said that I had never seen such a thorough tongue-lashing before I saw Jason Whitlock's FOX Sports News article that berated Allen Iverson. Well, I went a full 16 hours before witnessing its match: a response to that very piece. The Hoop Doctors' have a physician on staff named Dr. Anklesnap who strategically picked apart Whitlock's brain, or as Dr. Anklesnap would rebut, lack thereof. Speaking of rebutting, Dr. Anklesnap has an entertaining exchange with a commenter following the article.

Balls_mediumWalter Herrmann made Sportscenter's Top Ten plays last night...from the bench. While sitting in a chair on the sidelines talking with someone, Herrmann playfully flipped up a reverse-underhand finger roll and it went in, nothing but net. I'm not entirely surprised given Herrmann's past in making ridiculous shots, which probably explains why a camera was zoomed in on him talking to someone during pre-game warmups as opposed to being on someone else or more reasonably, off.

Balls_medium John Davis over at Pistonscast is creating his list of "Most Important Pistons Players: Post All-Star Break." 13-8 are posted right now with 7-1 to follow sometime next week. Any guesses as to where Will Bynum might fall? If you would have told me before the season, or even before the all-star break, that Will Bynum was going to be a top 7 or top 5 important Pistons player post All-Star break, I would have told you you're fit for sharing a straight jacket with Britney Spears. I would have been very wrong. I'm proud of Bynum.

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