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Thinking about seeds

It's already a bit dated, but I posted about Detroit clinching a playoff berth on FanHouse early Saturday morning. Today in his blog on the Detroit Free Press, Vince Ellis explains Detroit's seeding situation:

If the 39-41 Pistons win their last two games (Monday against the Bulls, Wednesday at Miami), they would secure the No. 7 seed over the Bulls (40-40) because they have a better conference record. They would face the Celtics, who clinched the No. 2 seed Saturday night.

The Pistons even have a shot at the No. 6 seed and a date with the Orlando Magic, although the 76ers (40-39) would have to lose their last three games (tonight at Toronto, Tuesday vs. Boston and Wednesday at Cleveland).

For what it's worth, Philly did in fact lose to the Raptors, meaning there's still hope the Pistons will automatically advance to the second round face the Magic.