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Morning Shootaround: A.I.'s Bodyguard, Sheed's Tech-O-Meter, and We Talking about Playoffs?

Here's your game day morning shootaround. Get your layup and tip drills in. We have a big game tonight against the Bulls; I expect to see everyone at the game thread 15 minutes early for calisthenics and a hearty pre-game speech.

Balls_mediumWe just can't seem to shake Allen Iverson from the news. Allegedly, a man says Iverson's bodyguard hit him. I heard the victim looked exactly like Jason Whitlock.

Balls_mediumRasheed Wallace picked up his 17th technical foul in the Pacers game. One more technical foul and it's a one game suspension. Luckily, for him and the Pistons, the tech-o-meter resets in the postseason.

Balls_mediumAs I mentioned in the recap, the Pistons were facing a Pacers team that was averaging nearly 120 points per game in their last six games. Coach Michael Curry tried to tame their recent surge in scoring as best he could by implementing the plan to post up the Pacers and slow down the pace of the game (pun unintended). The 'Stones may have prevented the Pacers from scoring close to 120, but the post up strategy still didn't work. For more links on the Pistons/Pacers game visit Piston Powered, the Pistons blog on ESPN's TrueHoop Network.

Balls_mediumIs former Pistons coach, Flip Saunders back in the NBA? He tops D.C.'s list as the next Wizard's head coach. As of 11 PM Sunday I heard this from two different sources; one claiming it was a done deal and another that merely said it is likely. That last source also says that former NBA star, Sam Cassell would be his assistant. I have to say that's an odd combination: a coach who couldn't earn his former team's respect and an assistant that looks like this.

Balls_mediumCavelier Attitude weighs their first round options and don't think any of the three options (Philly, Chi-town, and Detroit) can take the Cavs past five games. I have six straight Eastern Conference championship appearances and a wily Will Bynum that says otherwise.

Balls_mediumIn my very first Morning Shootaround, I mentioned that the Pistons tend to allow the lesser name players beat them. Well, it turns out that more bigger named players kill us during the season than I originally thought. Keith Langlois and created the first, second, and third All-Opponent teams. While I may not have been entirely accurate in my statement, the bigger names of the three teams do show up on the second team All-Opponent and not the first. It's also interesting to note that two former Pistons cracked the first team. Karma.

Balls_mediumSpeaking of awards, I found via Pistons Nation that Ian Thomsen of has made his early submissions for the five major awards and four others. Warning: there are no Pistons references. Also, he tends to disagree with my ill-advised MVP thoughts.

Balls_medium A lot of fans know major changes are coming this off-season. It's no mystery to the Pistons players either. They are well aware that Joe Dumars plans to shake things up this summer, especially if they don't play well in the playoffs. Marc Stein's weekend dime goes into the Pistons current demeanor regarding the imminent changes.

Balls_mediumHere's a look at the playoff scenario, one that is probably a whole lot less complicated than how I made it seem before the Pacers game. With the loss to Indiana, it looks more and more likely that the Pistons will be playing Cleveland in the first round. However, Philadelphia lost last night which means the Pistons still have a shot at the the No. 6.

Balls_mediumIf you have a story, picture, quote, or anything relevant for that matter, and you want it linked, please feel free to email me.