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Remembering an Era: 2002-03

You remember Patrick Hayes and Pardeep Toor from It's Just Sports, right? Sadly, real life got in the way of their blog life, but they're back! And even better, they're on DBB! I've convinced them to make an occasional cameo, starting today ... take it away, Patrick! -- MW

Getting through this season has been a struggle for all Pistons fans. Since the 2004 championship, each season has ended in disappointment, but right now, with the team squeaking into the playoffs only because Boris Diaw couldn't quite lead the mighty Charlotte Bobcats past them, we all look a little silly for complaining about losing in the Eastern Conference Finals the last few years, don't we?

But don't let a depressing season cloud your memories of just how good this team was to us over the years. Matt Watson has been kind enough to let Pardeep Toor and I, previously of It's Just Sports (RIP), stroll down memory lane and reminisce about our favorite moments from this era of Pistons basketball. If you like what you read, you can find more of my stuff compiling the fourth-worst PER in NBA history for a player who played at least 1,500 minutes in a season. Only six players in NBA history played more than 1,500 minutes with a PER less than six. But hey, at least he's not as bad as Jason Collins' 3.0 in 2006-07. (Thanks to Matt for the research on that one. I'm sure he thoroughly enjoyed the discovery).

Up Next: The 2003-2004 Season: Drafting Darko = Championship?

-- Patrick Hayes