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So...Ray Allen's Elbow Happened

I've been meaning to promote the FanPost below, but I admittedly slacked. I then thought the timing was too random, so it appeared to be destined for FanPost heaven.. Well, the clouds cleared today and opened the gates for me to redeem myself, as it was announced today that Ray Allen will be suspended one game for his elbow to Varejao's children. I don't think the suspension or the late front page posting takes anything away from our reader, Boney's opinion piece. Hopefully, this will stir up some intelligent discussions. For the other eight comments that have already been given, check out the original FanPost. Before commenting, "he was suspended!" mind you that this post was written on the day of the elbowing.

I've been a Pistons' fan for as long as I can remember. I've been there since Dennis Rodman/Kevin McHale, Larry Bird/Bill Laimbeer, Isiah/Ainge, Pippen/Rodman, etc. I've seen skirmishes and how they've evolved over the years (the NBA has become soft).

In recent years, Rasheed Wallace has become the butt of all NBA fan jokes for teams that have not been half as successful as the Pistons. In recent years, the NBA has cut down on physical play and asked it's officials to practice a "zero tolerance" policy on technical fouls. In recent years, you can look at any of the 3 referees' heads after a foul call and see at least 1 of them looking at Rasheed for a reaction. Then today, with Boston getting a mud-hole stomped in them, Ray Allen pulls a move that no respecting man should ever do. He elbows another man in the crotch.

Whether Varejao deserved it or not, a real man never pulls that move on another man. As Pistons' fans we have seen the battles that Varejao has had with Wallace and McDyess. But also as Pistons' fans we have seen the same battles before with Rodman and Horace Grant, or Rodman and virtually any other team's power forwards. Varejao is not especially gifted at basketball, he's always in the right place whether by choice or not.

Celtics fans cry about how little respect their team gets, but from what I saw, Ray Allen's actions didn't even draw a technical free throw let alone an ejection. KG has taunted players (below his pay grade and skill level I might add) without any fine, suspension, or technical being thrown his way as well. Some Celtics fans have even said Jason Maxiell deserved the headlock throw down he received from Kendrick Perkins earlier in the season.

Would Richard Hamilton have been ejected for the elbow to Varejao? Would Rasheed Wallace have received technicals for each time he taunted an opposing player? I know the answer, do you?