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Morning Shootaround: Dear Joe, Rip Fundamentals, McCosky's Controversy, and Predictions

The regular season is over. It was less than desirable, but it's playoffs time nonetheless. Now, we need to flush the regular season system just to be sure it doesn't linger into the playoffs. This is sort of like the "morning after the regular season" shootaround, to help us get that swagger back. This will be the start of the clean slate for the Cleveland series.

Balls_mediumWhat better way to do that than by starting with a hopeful link. Dave Dial of MLive thinks the Pistons have a legitimate chance at beating the Cavs. He takes us through the analysis of all the individual match ups and what will need to happen for a first round upset.

Balls_mediumDan Feldman of Piston Powered brings us the end of the season NBA and Pistons awards.

Balls_mediumHave you ever wanted to run around the court and get wide open like Richard Hamilton? I have. TNT and Cargo News offers a video of Rip teaching us the fundamentals of moving without the ball.

Balls_medium I always wear my WWJD bracelet around (What Would Joe [Dumars] Do?). Well, here's a nice little personal letter to Joey D, the Pistons savior from the ugly late-nineties, from Phdribble letting him know he applauds him and his somewhat seemingly controversial decisions.

Balls_mediumDetroit News columnist Chris McCosky is no stranger to finding himself in trouble with readers, bloggers, and Pistons players. First, there's speculation he made up the Iverson banned from Detroit Casinos story because there was bad blood between he and Iverson. Then he comes down hard on Amir Johnson and Jason Maxiell in today's Detroit News because he didn't like what he saw in Monday's box score. Personally, I think he concedes his entire argument within the first four paragraphs. I'm in law school and I've learned that's not the smartest way to start an argument, especially one you're pulling from thin air in the first place

Balls_mediumDetroit Sports Report offered up their rebuttal to McCoskey's piece on Johnson and Maxiell. I have to say, I tend to agree with DSR.

Balls_medium And that's not the first time Chris McCosky has found himself being criticized by bloggers. Back in 2007, McCosky picked his boogers and subsequently, picked on bloggers. Natalie Sitto of Need4Sheed covered his berating of the blogosphere and offered a solid response.

Balls_mediumI believe in giving credit when credit is due. Chris McCosky's article in today's Detroit News tells fans not to give up on Mr. Dumars yet. I have to say, I completely agree with McCosky on this one.

Balls_mediumAs I mentioned in the last morning shootaround, Isiah "Zeke" Thomas landed a coaching job at Florida International University. Today, Zeke announced that he would be donating his coaching duties the first year, meaning he's working for free. Is this sincere or did Zeke realize that his second year salary is probably two times more than he deserves?

Balls_mediumJohn Davis of Pistonscast brings us a montage of the best of Pistonscast with his 100th episode. Congratulations, John.

Balls_mediumFor those of you planning on placing bets on the Cavs/Pistons series, LockSmithsSportsPicks have the Cavs winning in five, meaning don't use their website's predictions as a guide to your bets....

Balls_mediumExpect my playoff preview to be posted soon. I have a bold prediction for this series, that I think (hope) is 85.374% bound to happen. If it does, it'd at least make for an exciting series.

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