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Interviewing in Hostile Territory

I had the opportunity to represent DBB on Waiting For Next Year, a Cleveland Sport Blog.

An excerpt:

WFNY- To win you will have to beat us in Cleveland at least once. How important is that first game?

Kevin- Not at all. I am willing to concede that game. Over the last several seasons, the Pistons have excelled in game 2, even against superior opponents.

WFNY- I would agree the goal would be to split- so you think the pressure is all on the Cavs in that opener?

Kevin- I think the pressure will be on the Pistons. Everyone knows the Cavs have had a great season. Everyone knows LeBron is great, and there are four other current or former all-stars on the squad (if my count is right). But the Pistons have been discounted in the press. For guys like Tay, Rip, Sheed, and Dyess, that’s going to weigh heavily. I think game 2 is the opportunity to catch the Cavs off guard, and put pressure on them.

WFNY- Before I let you go- give me a percentage. Chances the Pistons advance?

Kevin- 10%

WFNY- Wow. That number is lower than I expected.

I'm not sure what number he was expecting there. Eight seeds infrequently topple one seeds, and the Cavaliers are better than your average eight seed. In fact, you could argue that this number is a bit optimistic, based on the illusory perception that Detroit has another notch in it's gearbox.

Either way, it was a fun interview, and thanks to Rick for taking the time.