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Pistons Will Have No. 15 and No. 44 Overall Picks in June's Draft

I was very reluctant to post this with the first round of the playoffs looming. It's bad Karma, but at the same time it is news. Personally, I like the position the Pistons are in right now. There are no real big expectations from them in the playoffs. From what it seems, anything more than a single win against Cleveland would be considered a playoff success (relative to their regular season mediocrity--and mediocrity might be an understatement). I like their position even more because they are the underdog and I'm a sucker for underdog stories.

To put the first round draft pick and everything else into perspective, we should be happy the Pistons are even able to compete in the playoffs after that regular season. When it's over (no matter how far they go) they have a pretty decent draft pick in the first round to come home to. The No. 15 is not only an indication that you have the worst record of all the playoff teams, but it is also that borderline pick where you may not be getting a lottery choice, but you're still getting a solid player. And you don't have to pay him lottery pick type cash.

We'll have plenty of draft discussions when the time comes. For now, I'm going to harness all my remaining energy and project it toward rooting for a series win against the Cavs. I'll keep my fingers crossed and my life size Lebron voodoo doll nearby.