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Rasheed won’t be rushed to the starting lineup

In his first game back from his calf injury on Tuesday, Rasheed Wallace came off the bench, ostensibly so he could ease back into the flow of things until his conditioning was back to normal. If Kwame Brown continues to play well, though, Michael Curry seems open to leaving Wallace on the bench the rest of the season. From A. Sherrod Blakely:

As far as Wallace coming off the bench, Curry said "We'll see. I like Sheed coming off the bench (Tuesday at Cleveland). I think it helps that unit, especially when we're small with Will (Bynum) and Allen (Iverson).

"When you have those two out there and you're small in the backcourt, you need someone like Sheed, possibly Max (Jason Maxiell) with his activity out there, with him."

I endorse the move -- Brown has actually been pretty solid of late (so solid, in fact, I'll give him a pass for Wednesday's performance), and having Rasheed on the court with guys like Bynum and Iverson who attack the rim should help space the floor. Case in point: Wallace went 3-6 from three-point range on Tuesday.

Plus, this is a nice experiment to see how he might fit into Detroit's plans next year. He's in the final year of his contract making $13.6 million this season, and at 34 years old, he's definitely showing some wear. If he agreed to something south of the mid-level with the understanding that he'd be limited to 20-25 minutes to preserve his health and maximize his contributions, I'd roll the dice and bring him back.