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Round One, Game Two: Pistons @ Cavs

Round One, Game Two: 2009 NBA Playoffs

Cleveland leads the series 1-0




39-44 (18-24 away)
67-16 (40-2 home)
Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, OH
April 21st, 2009 8:00 PM ET
TV: TNT Radio: 1130 WDFN
Probable starters:
Rodney Stuckey PG Mo Williams
Richard Hamilton SG Delonte West
Tayshaun Prince SF Lebron James
Antonio McDyess PF Anderson Varejao
Rasheed Wallace C Zydrunas Ilgauskas

Two whole days was way too long and I meant to write a post about my feelings regarding the off days in the NBA playoffs, but didn't get around to it. Essentially, I was just going to say how stupid it is.

However, it could wind up benefiting the Pistons the most as their winning percentage has a greater improvement than Cleveland's when having two or more days off between games. That might not be saying much since Cleveland's winning percentage still improved and they didn't have much room to improve in those regards.

I still don't think there's any question that the Pistons play better after having more than a day of rest. During the regular season their record was 11-8 on such occasions, opposed to a sub-500 mark otherwise.

That being said, Cleveland has also struggled in Game Two's before. They are just 3-5 in the Lebron era and you have to believe the Pistons have made adjustments for tonight's match up. If there is any game that the Pistons have a chance to steal from Cleveland at the Q in this series, it is this game.

If, by some chance, the Pistons do steal Game Two they would put a ton of pressure on Cleveland going back to Detroit. Instilling hope back into an otherwise dead Pistons fan base could be added danger to facing this Pistons team in Round One because the Palace is a tough place to play during the playoffs.

Now, I certainly believe the Pistons can win. If I didn't root for the Pistons at all times, no matter how down and out they may seem, or believe that they could win, I wouldn't be doing this. It would be pointless and I would just quit. I write about the Pistons because I love them and I have faith that they can give me those 2004 feelings of pure elation at any given time.

It's no fun if I'm in this alone, though. I know it can be hard getting motivated with the Pistons rather uninspiring play, but this is a chance for us to show some swagger, too. Don't let the media and Cleveland fans walk all over us like dusty old welcome mats. We've been to the Eastern Conference Finals six freakin' years in a row and we're getting treated and acting like we're a Detroit Lions team buried in fifty years of futility.

As far as I'm concerned, we're not out until we're out. My buddy's father once told me, attitude determines altitude. That means a negative attitude might allow you to climb into bed at night, but that's it. However, if you keep your chin up and have that positive attitude, you can reach the climax of Mt. Everest or even higher, the moon.

Our cheering isn't going to single-handedly lead the Pistons to victory, but the Pistons could feed off our media generated energy just as much as they do at the Palace. Plus, it'll make us feel a lot better when they do win. Otherwise, you're just another fair weathered, bandwagon hopping fan.

Rise up Pistons fans, lose the negative attitude, and support your team with some passion. It's Game Two of the First Round in the NBA Playoffs. Life for us could be a lot worse. We could be the Clippers or the Kings and get excited about the possibility of winning 20 games a season and getting a top 5 draft pick. We're not them, though. We're the G-D Pistons of Detroit rock city and we're in the playoffs for the 8th straight season. Let's do some work.


I will not accept failure tonight. How much will the Pistons win by tonight?

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