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More Reluctant Draft Chatter

I'm reluctant to post draft material, as I was before, but a big name has declared for the draft today that might be worth mentioning.

Stephen Curry, of my alma mater, held a press conference on campus this morning notifying the world that he would be hiring an agent and forgoing his senior year at Davidson College.

Where do people think he goes in the draft? Is there a chance he could slip to No. 15? If he did, would/should we take him?

Personally, I would love to see him in a Pistons uniform. It would certainly tame my selfish-bitterness about him leaving Davidson a year early. I had the luxury of seeing the majority of his games in person and it's no secret: he's the real deal. I think he winds up being a lottery pick, but it'd be nice to see him fall to us.

Another interesting scenario would be to see him get drafted by the Knicks--who have expressed interest in him-- and then have New York steal Lebron away from Cleveland in 2010. If you didn't already know, Lebron is very fond of Steph and they have become good friends.