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Apparently, even Detroit’s fans have given up

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This doesn't bode well for Detroit's alleged homecourt advantage. From the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

Cavaliers fans willing to make the drive to Detroit will find tickets plentiful and cheap for tonight's Game 3 of the Eastern Conference quarterfinal series against the Pistons.

As of Thursday afternoon, tickets were available on for as low as $11. The Pistons even sent an e-mail to Cavs season-ticket holders offering tickets for sale.

Last I checked, $11 tickets are still available. For a franchise that had a "sellout" streak that spanned several seasons, this is just sad. (Even accepting the fact that the organization fudged attendance numbers for the sake of the streak, there's no doubt that playoff tickets used to be a hot item.) But for down on their luck fans who want to see a game on the cheap, here's your last chance until October.

For those who do show up, Tayshaun Prince would like to temper your optimism:

"When you're down 2-0 to a team the way they've been playing," he said, "you're putting yourself in a tough situation."

Part of the reason for that is that the Pistons aren't exactly as dominant team at the Palace as they have been in recent years. They were 21-20 at home this season.

"We've definitely shown throughout the season that we haven't done a good job of taking care of our home court," Prince said.

I'm taking those quotes out of context -- they were actually made Tuesday in Cleveland while talking up the importance of winning Game 2 before coming back home -- but they still reveal the defeated attitude this team has apparently embraced.