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Morning Shootaround: Down 0-2, T-Mac Picks Lakers to Win it All, Lowlights, and Tayshaun Gone?

Balls_mediumChris McCosky wrote a piece talking about how the national media has a right to criticize the Pistons for the way they have been playing.

Balls_medium Piston Powered looks back to the last time the Pistons were in a similar 0-2 hole--2005 NBA Finals-- and how the Pistons responded. I hope this team shows the same resiliency.

Balls_mediumTayshaun Prince's production during the first two games has been lousy, to say the least. Matt Watson over at Detroit Bad Boys reveals a list (a lengthy one at that) of players that have scored more this postseason than Prince.

Balls_medium Speaking of Tayshaun, there have been some mentioning of him possibly being involved in a deal to Toronto this offseason. Apparently, Toronto has indirectly expressed interest in Tay.

Balls_mediumHere's a great piece from Dana Gauruder's blog dissecting the Pistons downfall and their lack of leadership. [via Detroit Bad Boys.]

Balls_mediumTerry Foster gives his take on the Pistons, comparing them to the 1991 team that.

Balls_mediumNatalie Sitto from Need4Sheed lists the Pistons lowlights, while wondering if there are really any highlights in a season like this one. She says, Will Bynum has been a nice highlight. Hopefully, we can add Game Three and more onto the latter list.

Balls_mediumBare Knuckles asks Detroit how their ass tastes (relevant?) and discusses how the playoffs should consist of the best 16 teams and not by conference. This would obviously mean the Pistons would have been on the outside looking in this season.

Balls_mediumTracy McGrady is on the record as saying his Rockets would beat the Cavs in a best of seven series. That's nice, Tracy. Just worry about your Rockets coming out of the West first. Oh wait, he picked the Lakers to make it out of the West and his team is still in the playoffs.

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