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First Round, Game Three: Cavs @ Pistons

Round One, Game Three: 2009 NBA Playoffs

Cleveland leads the series 2-0




68-16 (27-14 away) 39-45 (21-20 home)
Palace of Auburn Hills
April 24th, 2009 7:00 PM ET
TV: ESPN Radio: 1130 WDFN
Probable starters:
Mo Williams PG Rodney Stuckey
Delonte West SG Richard Hamilton
Lebron James SF Tayshaun Prince
Anderson Varejao PF Antonio McDyess
Zydrunas Ilgauskas C Rasheed Wallace

There's no denying that this is a must win for the Pistons. Trailing 2-0, they do find themselves in familiar territory, though. There have been a number of playoff series in the past where they've trailed 2-0 and battled back to make a series out of it, or even win. The last time the Pistons got absolutely murdered in the first two games and battled back was in 2005 when they played the Spurs in the NBA Finals. This isn't exactly the same team as then, and they still lost the series, but I'm pulling out all the stops in hoping to instill some hope in Pistons fans.

Speaking of Pistons fans and hope, I'm very disappointed that this game hasn't been sold out since tickets went on sale, and especially as of late last night. I received an email from a fellow fan, Tushar asking me why the Pistons had not sold this game out. In addition, he wanted to know why in the hell were Palace officials calling Cleveland Cavs season ticket holders to see if they wanted tickets to Game Three.

I understand some Pistons fans, the same fans that ask the players not to quit in the fourth quarter of games, have hypocritically quit on the Pistons and didn't purchase tickets. I also understand that it just isn't affordable given today's economy. It's also obvious that it is in the best interests of the Palace to sell as many tickets as they can. I just didn't think they would stoop to the level of actually selling them to the opponent's fans.

Obviously, I'm bitter that fans are hopping off the band wagon and not attending the first playoff game tonight. I'm even more disappointed in the Palace ticket sales people offering seats to Cavs fans. It feels like they're backstabbing or betraying the Pistons fans who still care in a way.

What does everyone else think about it? Okay because they're just trying to sell seats in a bad economy or do you feel outraged about the situation?

Remember, make sure to join us for the game thread at 7 PM EST as the Pistons do work on the Cavs in Game Three live from the Palace of Auburn Hills.