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Morning Shootaround: Iffy Praise, Hope, Heart, and Three Good Reasons to Watch Game Four

Balls_mediumBall Don't Lie gives the Pistons "iffy praise" for the way they battled the Cavaliers in Game Three. I think that's a pretty good way to describe it.

Balls_mediumI posted this before Game Three, but Chris Broussard's ESPN piece deserves a second look/recognition. He thinks the Pistons are down, but not for long. I happen to share his hopefulness.

Balls_mediumA Shelby Junior HIgh School helped out a great cause, the Detroit Pistons Feed the Children telethon, by raising $1,175. The teacher at the Junior High School used a creative method for the class to have some fun while raising the money: an "Apprentice" style challenge. I know a lot of people wish they were Donald Trump and could tell Michael Curry, "You're fired," these days.

Balls_mediumThis fall for the Pistons is "killing" Richard Hamilton. And as if being down 3-0 after a miserable season and seeing Chauncey Billups doing so well for the Nuggets in the playoffs weren't enough; even Lebron James had to make mention of the fact that we're without Billups.

Balls_mediumDetroit4lyfe wants to know why the Palace makes it a custom to offer playoff rivals tickets to a Pistons home game and asks them and fans to show some heart. I understand it's been going on since the early '80s, but there's no excuse for a Detroit home playoff game to not be sold out. I don't care if it's 2-0, 3-0 or there's a huge rain/snow storm. Pistons fans, and Detroit in general, didn't get tabbed as having some of the better fans in all of sports by not selling out playoff games.

Balls_mediumJohn Davis of Pistonscast has an interesting video of the "real" Coach Curry and the "real" strategy on how to beat Lebron James. If only this strategy had surfaced sooner!

Balls_medium Let's try to get a little game thread action going for Game Four. They have been weak thus far, so let's not emulate the fans who are deciding to opt out of traveling to the Palace for games. Join me tomorrow and we'll talk about the game, the upcoming draft, and hopefully about a potential trip back to the Q.

Balls_mediumAre you asking yourself why you should watch Game Four? Pistons Nation has three pretty good reasons.

For as tired as Rasheed Wallace's act has been this season, he was an instrumental part of this team for years and one of the main reasons, if not the reason, we won the championship in 2004. This may very well be his final game as a Detroit Piston and I think we owe it to him to chant "Sheed!" one last time whenever he touches the ball. I hope this isn't, though.

Balls_medium As always, if you have any tips, links, or general inquiries please feel free to email me. Now hit the showers and get ready for Game Four. Don't bring your brooms, I don't want to do any cleaning today!