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What's Next?

I woke up this morning with a pounding headache and I attribute it all to the realization that a Pistons era has ended and not to a lack of sleep. After yesterday's lopsided loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the first round of the playoffs, I can't help but feel depressed knowing there is still two months worth of the NBA playoffs. I don't know if I can bare to watch.

I will say, I hope the Cavs cake-walk their way to an NBA Championship, not just because their city needs a championship, but because it might help the embarrassment of this series subside quicker.

In the meantime, another way that might help ease the pain is by talking about what can be done this offseason. I've learned from my experience with the Lions year in and year out that talking about potential free agent signings, trades, and draft picks all help push out the bad memories from the year before and build up excitement for the next season. We have almost exactly two months before the offseason officially begins (June 25 for the Draft and July 1 for Free Agents), but don't think for a second that Joe Dumars and Michael Curry aren't going to be weighing all their options before then. Why not us, too?

Reader, Steve Kays was nice enough to get the ball rolling a little bit by posting a trade idea. The following day, I brought up the idea of drafting a former college classmate of mine, Stephen Curry, if he were to fall to the No. 15 spot.

What are everyone's thoughts? I have a lot of hypotheticals that I would love to hear feedback on. Mainly, I just want to hear what you think and get this community built up strong and ready for next season.

The Pistons 2009 Free Agents are as follows:

Restricted: Will Bynum (T), Alex Acker (T), Walter Herrmann

Unrestricted: Kwame Brown (P), Allen Iverson, Rasheed Wallace, Antonio McDyess

Does Rasheed's playoff performance solidify the fact that the Pistons will not resign him, even for cheap? Was Kwame's enough to generate some interest? What about Antonio McDyess?

As for other Free Agents around the league, I've already heard names like Turkoglu, Okur, Boozer, Millsap, and Ben Gordon floating around.

What about Jermaine O'Neal? Ron Artest? Will the brawl at the Palace nearly five years ago prevent that from ever happening?

What about bringing Grant Hill back to Detroit? Does his recent success make him an attractive option? Would that be counterproductive in that he's on the older side?

Eddy Curry is heading to Motown for a diet. Could the Pistons be a potential suitor if they see him trim down?

What about Big-Z? He just killed us and Matt Watson at NBA Fan House thinks he has one of the prettiest jumpshots he's ever seen. Is he also too old?

I guess it depends on whether or not Joe Dumars plans on winning within the next couple years again or if he plans on winning within the next five. This year's Free Agency class is not nearly as strong as next year's, so Joe could opt to sit on the $22 million he'll have this summer and improve his team via trades and the draft.

Who could be traded?

Richard Hamilton's contract was just extended, but that could also make him more enticing trade bait.

Tayshaun's trade value probably went down with his playoff performance despite a back injury. That could also make him more attractive to other teams because they might think they could get a durable player for cheap. Hopefully, teams will forget that he hasn't missed a game in nearly a decade though, because I'd be willing to bet his body is worn down and probably a lot older than his 29 year old self.

Amir Johnson's name has been thrown around as potential trade bait, although I would hate to see that. I still think he hasn't received much of an opportunity to prove himself.

Is Jason Maxiell viable trade bait? What about a sign-and-trade with Will Bynum? The possibilities are endless and I have a feeling we could wind up with a team looking a lot differently than what we expect.

So I've basically reiterated everything we've already heard and added a couple ideas. What I really want is to get everyone else involved, be it through the comments or FanPosts.

If you feel like writing a post, make sure it's thought out and edited because I'd like to promote work to the front page more often this offseason.

This is our team and we all have great ideas on how it should be handled, so don't be afraid to express yourselves. I'm looking forward to hearing what everyone else thinks and for the offseason to begin because Lord knows, we need to move on.