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Dumars: Curry will be back

Apologies for the AP link, but none of the local sources seem to have this yet:

Pistons president of basketball operations Joe Dumars held a news conference Wednesday to wrap up a miserable season and he ended any doubt about his plans on the bench by confirming Curry would return.

"It was an up-and-down season for him," Dumars said. "And, an up-and down-season for us."

[...] Dumars, though, did not blame Curry for Detroit's demise.

"The fact that we made so many changes for a first-year coach, I had to step back and be a little more patient than I have been," Dumars said. "During the season I said to myself, 'What affect is this having on him as a first-year coach.' I tried to put myself in his shoes."

Is it me, or does it sounds like he made the move based on what's fair for Curry and not what's better for the franchise? Maybe he actually thinks the two are one and the same (they might be, I'm not saying it's impossible), or maybe he just doesn't want to screw over a friend.

Or ... maybe Dumars realizes that some of the season's most disastrous decisions (The Trade, smallball, benching Rip, keeping AI in the starting lineup too long) were his call and not necessarily Curry's. Either way, it doesn't matter: Curry is coming back.

For now.