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Humble Introduction


I don't want to make this long-drawn-out like some type of Academy Awards 'thank you' speech (although I can't promise there won't be tears), but I do want to take some time to welcome everyone to Motown String Music and introduce myself. 

Speaking of thank yous, I would like to thank SB Nation for giving me the opportunity to start the Detroit Pistons blog.  As having been one of the better teams in the NBA for the past decade, I was shocked to see the Pistons not represented here.  I am honored to be the one who starts it.

This site will bring you all the latest information about the Detroit Pistons with game threads, recaps and analysis.  I will also try to bring you any other news around the league that might be relevant to the Pistons.  Feel free to join the community and post any of your comments, FanPosts, or FanShots.  I do ask that you try to keep the content relatively "safe for work". 

As for my introduction, I'm Brian Packey and I'm a die hard Detroit sports fan.  (And yes, that might sound like I'm in an AA-like meeting for Detroit sports-oholics).  I grew up just outside the city of Detroit and have been following their teams ever since I can remember. 

I played college baseball, but I really enjoy playing all sports especially basketball, as I played it growing up, including AAU in Pontiac for a few years before putting all my focus into baseball.  When I was about 10-years old, I would play basketball in my basement (by myself) and announce the games as if I were George Blaha.  Sounds really pathetic, nerdy, weird, and cute all rolled into one, but I think that probably shows how much I truly love the Pistons.  Therefore, I'm really looking forward to running this site and interacting with everyone who decides to become a part of this community.

To end this I'd like to leave you with a George Blaha quote since the title of this blog is a play off the Blaha-ism 'sweet, sweet string music':

All I ever really wanted to do was broadcast games and bring some joy to hard-working people in a working man's town.

What better place than Detroit?

That pretty much sums up what I want to do here with this blog.