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Morning Shootaround: RIP Daddy Rich, Disposable Star, Mayor Bing, Twitter, Life on Dumars

I apologize for the lack of posts recently. I was out of town this past weekend, but I want to get my groove back. With the playoffs still in full swing, we have plenty of time to discuss our options for the upcoming off-season. I hope discussions don't start sounding too redundant, though. I'll try to hammer something original out in the next 24 hours, so be on the lookout for that as well.

In the meantime, here are some stories I've read over the past couple weeks that I think are worthy of a mentioning and a read from you.

Balls_mediumI'd like to start out by being the first to admit that I don't think I gave Chuck Daly a fair blog-eulogy. I wrote that post in about 15 minutes on the fly because I was out of town celebrating my little brother's graduation from college in what was a bitter-sweet day. However, there are a lot of really solid Chuck Daly tribute pieces out there on the internet that I think do give Daddy Rich and his legacy some justice. Here are some of those:

Balls_medium Detroit's newest Mayor, and former Detroit Pistons legend, Dave Bing was sworn in yesterday. I'm very excited about him being the city's new Mayor.

Balls_mediumESPN Outside the Lines has a great article on Chauncey Billups' life journey from his childhood through his time with the Pistons to now. I read the link and wanted to write about it, but found Matt Watson at Detroit Bad Boys had already wrote most of what I had in mind (although probably more eloquently so).

Balls_medium Dan Feldman of Piston Powered has an interesting article on the role steroids may play in the NBA. If you don't think steroids plays a role in almost all sports, especially basketball, you're crazy. Dan says he'd be shocked if at least a few NBA players weren't involved, past or present, with steroids.

Balls_medium Dave Dial of Full Court Press went over some draft scenarios for the Pistons that is worth looking at. Given the heat on Joe Dumars from a lot of people recently, I'd like to think that he will go with a more conservative draft pick as opposed to drafting who in my opinion is another Darko Milicic in B.J. Mullens.

Balls_mediumIs Rodney Stuckey on Twitter? I heard it was legitimately him, but upon further review my hunch is telling me it's an impostor. It is currently pending confirmation, but what do you think?

Balls_mediumSpeaking of Twitter, Motown String Music ranks 9th in followers out of all of SB Nation tweeters (roughly 200 blogs). If you are on Twitter, make sure you are following Motown String Music because we're involved in a Twitter5K race. First to 5,000 followers receives a very nice prize that I'm willing to give to a random follower if this blog wins. Start following people!

Balls_medium A lot has been said about the possibility of Ron Artest being coveted by the Pistons this off-season. I can't say I would allow, nor believe, that as a possibility. However, there's a new Pistons blog in town that also seems to like Ron Artest. In fact, he says his blog will bring a lot of Ron Artest's characteristics to the table. Make sure you check out Life on Dumars if you get a chance.

Balls_mediumAs always, if you have any comments, tips, or links please feel free to email me. Thanks!