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As Tommy says it in the movie Tommy Boy: Housekeeping

I have been out of the game for almost a week. In all honesty, I wish I could say it's all because I've been assessing the Pistons situation and weighing every option. Unfortunately, that's not entirely true. However, tonight I plan on sitting down with a bowl of Doritos on the side of my computer to keep me nourished and hammering out a legitimate Pistons post. I will also start Monday fresh with a Morning Shootaround to, at the very least, keep you abreast of what's going on in the NBA. For all the readers who come back every day looking for fresh content, thanks for being patient.

Here are some other things I wanted to touch on....

  • I do encourage everyone with an opinion to participate in the FanPosts. Those are a great way for fans to have their own blog within the blog. Ideally, I'd like to post a few articles to the front page per week from FanPosts. Just make sure they are clear and edited properly.
  • Also, FanShots is another good way to get your name to the front page, by posting relevant links or quotes. Use my front page FanShots as an example on how to do those.
  • Being out of the playoffs this early is a new experience for us in the past seven years. In years past after the playoffs, we would only have about a week and a half to discuss our downfall from the Eastern Conference Finals, Finals, or even bask in the glory of the Championship before getting to the off-season work. However, that's not the case this year. We have a lot of downtime and it's tough rehashing needs during these final rounds of the playoffs without sounding too redundant, especially when the Pistons can't really get anything done until the season's over, the draft, and during free agency starting July 1.
  • With the draft coming soon, there is going to be a lot of draft talk around here. The playoffs are now in the Conference Finals (tear) and we're just a little under a month away from the NBA Draft. Also, the Draft Combine is taking place next week which for all intents and purposes is just as important as the draft itself. I'll be discussing that too, as we get closer.
  • I'll probably start weighing out the draft pick options this evening with an in depth look at one potential pick at a time. I have the first one in mind, but please feel free to leave me with everyone you think the Pistons could possibly draft. I aim to have all these "Draft Pick Previews" completely finished roughly a week before the draft.
  • Finally, being a Detroit Pistons guy doesn't stop there for me. I'm an all around Detroit sports fan. I realize some of you are strictly Pistons fans or have only a couple Detroit teams you follow, but if you are a Detroit Red Wings fan then please head over to Winging it in Motown and join in on their discussions and game threads. It's a special time of the year for the Wings and they are about to do battle in an epic Original Six series in the Western Conference Finals vs. the Chicago Blackhawks. Go Wings.

Thanks everyone and you'll be hearing from me soon.