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Is Chauncey Billups a future HOFer?

Will Chauncey Billups someday make the Hall of Fame? Dana Gauruder of the Oakland Press thinks so: "How significant is Chauncey Billups' accomplishment of playing in his seventh straight conference finals? Only four other players since 1970 have advanced to seven or more consecutive conference finals, and they all played for the great Lakers teams in the 1980s - Magic Johnson, Michael Cooper, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Kurt Rambis. Really, that puts Chauncey on par with Magic - not in talent, obviously, but in the fact he was the floor leader of those teams. Before this year, I don't know if you could have called Chauncey a Hall of Famer. Now, like the Osgood debate in hockey, it's hard to deny him, based on his postseason resume."