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Morning Shootaround: Terrence Williams, The Real T-Will, and Grubbin' with Blaha

Balls_medium I plan on having an entire series of "Looking to the Draft" pieces posted in the coming weeks. I have a number of them that need some tweaking that are currently in my drafts. The one that needs the most tweaking is Terrence Williams. The reason for that is a couple articles were posted Wednesday that I need to go back and address. Dave Dial of MLIVE's Full Court Press brought to my attention that Williams worked out with Joe Dumars Tuesday. Mr. Dial then broke down a few different mock drafts and their scouting reports on Williams with follow up analysis of his own. Make sure you check it out.

Balls_medium The other piece worth looking at is the interview Matt Watson of Detroit Bad Boys scored with Terrence Williams as he was literally on his way out of Detroit at the airport gate. Watson asks some really insightful questions and Williams was not shy with his responses. I highly recommend you give it a read if you want to get to know a potential future Piston a little better.

Balls_medium Speaking of getting to know Terrence Williams better (and this is something you can also find in the interview mentioned above), Williams is on Twitter. If you are on Twitter follow him and then (insert personal plug here) head over to my page and follow me. Remember SB Nation is still having a Twitter 5K Race and I need to be the first to 5,000 followers. It's not looking good right now, but I am 10th out of nearly 200 SB Nation bloggers.

Balls_medium If you're not sick of hearing about the Billups-Iverson trade already, Dan Feldman at Piston Powered has a very interesting piece on the inner workings of the deal. Apparently, the Pistons asked for Carmelo and Denver countered with Iverson.

Balls_medium John Davis of Pistonscast wants to know why/if you're still rooting for Chauncey Billups in the Western Conference Finals. He is also calling for people to start discussing the free agency pool. Head on over and listen to his latest podcast and start weighing in with your thoughts.

Balls_medium Are you interested in having dinner with Pistons legendary announcer, George Blaha? If you want to have grub with Blaha then here's what you need to do: Tell us in 100 words or less why you want to have lunch with Blaha at Buddy’s Pizza in Farmington Hills. E-mail your entry to by 5 p.m. Thursday, June 4.Dining With the Stars is sponsored by Buddy’s Pizza and the Observer & Eccentric Newspapers.

The contest winner will be treated to a limo ride from Class Plus Limo, a makeover courtesy of Christine from Beauty Salon in Birmingham, a $100 gift certificate from Reaver Diamond Co. in Southfield and a dance exhibition by the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Bloomfield Hills.

Tip drill to Pistons Nation for making me aware of this cool contest.

Balls_medium This has nothing to do with Pistons basketball, but if you're interested in a Swagtastic Eminem giveaway then Natalie Sitto at Need4sheed has your fixing. I'm a big fan of Eminem's music (and loyalty to the city of Detroit) and am excited that his new CD came out Tuesday. I've already bought it and listened to it in its entirety. Trying to make this somewhat relevant is a funny video of Eminem playing 1-on-1 basketball with Jimmy Kimmel donning a Rip Hamilton jersey.

Balls_medium Around the NBA, congratulations to the LA Clippers for winning the Blake Griffin, er NBA Draft Lottery. They will select first and have almost but guaranteed they will take Blake Griffin, thus making their next six weeks fairly easy. A tidbit you may or may not have known, but Will Ferrell is a Clippers fan in the movie Bewitched (and probably real life). Also, it's funny the Clippers representative had a No. 1 Clippers' jersey inside his blazer. Good for them.

Balls_medium As always, if you have any tips or general inquires, please feel free to email me.