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Bill Laimbeer's NBA Coaching Career Most Likely Won't Start in Detroit

As soon as news hit that Bill Laimbeer was going to resign from his head coaching job with the Detroit Shock to pursue a coaching career in the NBA, Detroit fans immediately jumped in saying they would love to have the ex-Bad Boy as the Pistons head coach. I read various message board comments from fans expressing their desire for Laimbeer to succeed Michael Curry who just finished his first season as the Detroit Pistons head coach.

Today's radio airwaves have been no different, according to a friend of mine who has been listening intently all morning to FM's 97.1 The Ticket in Detroit. Apparently, a hundred percent of the morning show's callers want Laimbeer in as the Pistons head coach.

While I believe Laimbeer will make a very good NBA coach someday, and agree that Michael Curry struggled through adversity during his first season, I don't think Laimbeer taking over as Detroit's head coach is going to happen.

Aside from the fans' general disdain of the outcome in Michael Curry's first season as head coach, Bill Laimbeer's recent meeting with Joe Dumars may have also helped stem the frenzy amongst fans. However, Laimbeer squashed any hopes of him beginning his coaching career in the NBA with the Detroit Pistons during his Monday press conference:

To better understand the NBA landscape, Laimbeer sought the counsel of Joe Dumars, Pistons president of basketball operations, adding that the discussion between the former teammates never addressed a coaching position within the Pistons organization. "It was more about opportunities elsewhere in the league, just feeling out what he thought, what I may have to do to get an opportunity someplace," Laimbeer said. "But he [Dumars] has staff in place and I’m looking for opportunities elsewhere."

Of course we see situations like this happen all the time where a potential coaching candidate becomes available, the two parties deny, deny, deny; and the the next thing you know news breaks that has the very opposite happening.

I don't think this is one of those circumstances. Do not expect to see Bill Laimbeer begin his NBA coaching career, as head coach or an assistant, with Detroit. Michael Curry is the Pistons guy, at least for another season.