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Does Ben Gordon have a promise from Detroit?

That's the rumor out of the Windy City. Kind of. Sam Smith, who's never been shy to chuck a handful of feces against the wall to see what sticks, said the following on his blog for

But I also heard that Gordon’s agent allegedly has been saying he has an $11 million promise from the Pistons. This could go with the promise I received to play giving me a chance to win the lottery. I’ve never fully understood the supposed Pistons interest. Not because teams don’t like Gordon. But because the Pistons have Rodney Stuckey, not a true point guard, and Richard Hamilton. Though the rumors supposedly are the Pistons would trade Hamilton. Though why trade a 6-7 shooting guard to accommodate one maybe a half foot shorter? Though I never say never in the NBA, as Phil Jackson taught me. And Michael.

You don't often see a guy snatch a rumor out of thin air and then immediately hedge by saying it's probably not true, but hey, at least no one can say he's ever wrong! For what it's worth, K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune is struggling to wrap his head around Smith's "scoop," inventing hypothetical scenarios in which this might possibly make sense:

Nobody, of course, will confirm this story even if it's true because to have even discussed parameters of a deal violates league rules. Negotiations can't begin until July 1. It's possible, of course, that the Pistons contacted Raymond Brothers, Gordon's agent, last summer and informed him they'd be willing to sign Gordon at that number when they had salary-cap space. The Pistons didn't have that much salary-cap space last summer, when Gordon was a restricted free agent and the Bulls could match any offer.

Hat-tip: DBB reader Brandon M.