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Report: Amir Johnson traded to Bucks

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From Sean Deveney at The Baseline:

A busy predraft day just got busier for the Milwaukee Bucks. A source tells Sporting News that the Bucks, after trading Richard Jefferson for a trio of Spurs—Fabricio Oberto, Bruce Bowen and Kurt Thomas—have traded Oberto to Detroit for young power forward Amir Johnson. A Bucks source has confirmed the deal.

Update: Now is as good a time as any to get acquainted with Oberto's Twitter account. Anyone know Spanish?

Both Oberto and Johnson have expiring contracts -- Johnson's is worth $3.66 million; Oberto's, $3.5 million. This was a talent swap, not a salary dump. I'm guessing the Pistons view Oberto as a reliable starter, albeit one with no upside.

Update: As Matt Gibson points out in the comments below, Oberto's contract isn't guaranteed, so this could be a salary dump after all. 48 Minutes of Hell explains in a post from early May (hat-tip: Dan Feldman):

Fabricio Oberto has a partially guaranteed salary. This means that if he is waived by July 1, teams only have to pay him 1.9 of his 3.8 million dollar contract. In other words, there is a strong chance that he’ll either be traded or waived by July 1.

Update: The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel confirms the deal.

My FanHouse post is here. Basically just a more coherent wrap-up of everything here, plus this note, which gives me hope Johnson will finally get a chance at serious minutes:

Johnson, meanwhile, is reunited with John Hammond, Milwaukee's general manager who served as Joe Dumars' right-hand man in Detroit when the Pistons drafted Johnson in 2005 and signed him to an extension in 2007.