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Report: Bucks Trade Fabricio Oberto to Detroit for Amir Johnson

The Milwaukee Bucks just completed a trade today sending Richard Jefferson to the Spurs in exchange for Fabricio Oberto, Bruce Bowen and Kurt Thomas. Well, the Sporting News is reporting that a Bucks source has confirmed that the Bucks have agreed to flip Fabrico Oberto to the Pistons for young forward Amir Johnson:

A busy predraft day just got busier for the Milwaukee Bucks. A source tells Sporting News that the Bucks, after trading Richard Jefferson for a trio of Spurs—Fabricio Oberto, Bruce Bowen and Kurt Thomas—have traded Oberto to Detroit for young power forward Amir Johnson. A Bucks source has confirmed the deal.

Johnson averaged 3.5 points and 3.7 rebounds during the 2008-09 season. Oberto, who averaged 2.6 points and 2.6 rebounds this season, underwent a heart procedure just over two weeks ago.

Although both players just completed their fourth NBA seasons, Johnson (22) is 12 years younger than Oberto (34). Both players are heading into the final years of contracts next season.

If the report is true, which it seems like it is, then I'm still trying to understand it. Oberto is only set to make $100,000 less than Amir Johnson, but is 12 years older. Perhaps the Pistons have an infatuation with Argentinian big men.

UPDATE: I guess my sources for contracts (Thanks, HoopsHype) was incorrect because the Freep reports that Oberto's contract expires in two weeks. This would mean that the Pistons are basically dumping Amir Johnson to the Bucks for (even more) cap space.

Update #2: I've read at Detroit Bad Boys that Oberto's contract is partially guaranteed.

Fabricio Oberto has a partially guaranteed salary. This means that if he is waived by July 1, teams only have to pay him 1.9 of his 3.8 million dollar contract. In other words, there is a strong chance that he’ll either be traded or waived by July 1.

Therefore, the Pistons would have less "play" money than originally believed, as long as they make a move on Oberto by July 1.