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Draft Poll: What Will the Pistons Do on Draft Night?

The draft is just 31 hours away. For the past month and a half we've heard speculation, reported rumors, and even had our first transaction of the off-season happen just yesterday, a trade that might not look all that big, but could play a major role in what the Pistons do next.

A lot could still happen in the next day leading up to Thursday's 7:30 PM EST start of the 2009 NBA Draft. Was the Amir Johnson trade executed to set up a move for another draft pick or free up cap space for free agents? Of course, the Pistons may remain as is until tomorrow and we could simply make our normal picks at No. 15, 35, 39, and 44. Then the Pistons could potentially move one of those picks for desired, already established players around the league, too.

Enough with the hypotheticals from me, though. Use the poll and comments section to vote and comment on what you predict might happen tomorrow night and immediately following the draft. Obviously, there are a number of variables for draft night, so if you think something might happen that is not in the poll then please leave your thoughts in the comments. This could make for some interesting discussions/ideas leading up to the draft.