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Detroit Pistons: Draft Day Open Thread

Draft day has finally arrived. Tonight at 7:30 PM EST on ESPN the 2009 NBA Draft will take place and officially mark the beginning of the Pistons "rebuilding" phase (well, more so than preceding events).

The Pistons will have four picks (15th, 35th, 39th, and 44th overall) in tonight's draft. We've had a few mock drafts and we've discussed almost every last possibility, so it's exciting that we'll actually get to see what really goes down.

Every pick is important, as any GM wants to get players that will be able to come in, make the team, and contribute eventually. In those terms, I'm hoping Joe Dumars can bat at least .500 with the four draft picks tonight.

So who will Dumars add to the following list of his past draft picks?

Mateen Cleaves
Brian Cardinal
Rodney White
Mehemet Okur
Tayshaun Prince
Darko Milicic
Carlos Delfino
Andreas Glyniadakis
Rickey Paulding
Jason Maxiell
Amir Johnson
Alex Acker
Will Blalock
Rodney Stuckey
Arron Afflalo
Sammy Mejia
Walter Sharpe (for D.J. White)
Deron Washington.

2009: ????, ????, ????, ????

This is your Draft Day Open Thread, so come and share your thoughts while watching or listening to the NBA Draft. The Pistons' four picks will give us plenty to discuss, but it will be interesting to see where everyone else falls in the first and second round, too. Hopefully we can get a good crowd; I consider this a building phase for this community.