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Pistons Trade No. 44 Pick Chase Budinger to Houston

The Detroit Pistons selected Arizona forward Chase Budginer with their No. 44 pick and immediately traded his rights to the Houston Rockets. Detroit will receive a future 2nd round selection, cash, and a box of basketball pumps in return. Okay, the pumps were not part of the deal, but I hope there's a little extra cash thrown in there.

I was actually pretty happy we got Budinger with our final pick predominantely because many projected him to go in the first round. I was hoping it would be a steal at that point in the draft. He's a sharp shooter with a little size to him, but apparently something went terribly awry during all the workouts because Budinger's stock slipped big time. I remember during the first week of workouts Budinger was being looked at as a possibility for the Pistons No. 15 spot.

With the trade, your final Detroit Pistons 2009 Draft, as reiterated by msufan23, is Austin Daye, DaJuan Summers, Jonas Jerebko, a future 2nd rounder, and cash.